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"I can't believe I get to work under the most famous coffee shop owner!" 

In a world where the planet is cube-shaped and there's a need for coffee and other café commodities, bringing forth a delivery service is paramount! 

In Around The Block, you play as Neko, a starstruck newbie café employee, working under the famous Oz, the boss that runs the place. You must deliver coffee shop food and drink to the different residents of the world - and to do so on this planet, you must venture on the edge of a face of the cube to traverse to the next face. Be quick, though - if you fail to deliver more than three orders on time, you'll be fired!

(https://straightupgruntled.itch.io/, https://twitch.tv/straightupgruntled
Programming, Music

(https://mr-afroduck.itch.io/, https://twitch.tv/mr_afroduck
Programming, Sound Effects, Voiceover (Oz)

(https://thestoff.itch.io/, https://twitch.tv/stoffcreates)
Art/Design, Script

(https://banana-blush.itch.io/, https://twitch.tv/hannbanans)
Art/Design, Voiceover (Neko)

Developed in Godot
Art created in Clip Studio Paint
3D modeling in Maya
Music recorded from a live accordion in Cakewalk
Sound effects created from live recordings in Audacity
Voiceover recorded in Audacity

Font: Gloria Hallelujah by Kimberly Geswein 


AroundTheBlock.zip 56 MB


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beautiful art style <3